Minions Kids ATM Machine

    1. Electronic Mini Money ATM Machine Box is best new toy of saving money for children. This toys increase saving money habits in their younger age playing with this toy. Taking money in machine is inspiring a lot to children
    2. How to use emob cash safe smart electronic lock piggy bank coin safe / note safe:- ""0000"" to open the safe. 2. Choose your own secret code. 3.the light turns on when you open or close the door. 4. Option sound/voice. 5. The door squeaks when you open it. 6. Follow these steps to change your password first enter the current code (0000) and open the door.) i. Now hold the * button. Both green and red lights flash. Within 15 seconds enter the four-digit password. Ii. Press # to store your code, both lights stop flashing. Please note: if the code is not entered within 15 seconds the procedure will terminate and you will have to restart the procedure. Iii. Release the * button and close the door of the safe. Please note: if you forget the code it can be reset factory default by removing and reinstalling the batteries.
    3. Material: PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride)
    4. Measurements : Height 7" , Width 4.6"

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